I am the Cookie Monster.

Chocolate Chip Cookies are my fetish.

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If I dont reply or I take ages to

  • It’s drafted
  • My mood doesn’t fit
  • I’m trying to equal your perfection
  • I’m braindead
  • I lost the reply
  • I’m easily distracted by something else
  • All/some of the above

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live-life-in-a-dream asked: Do you think that it is a good idea to become a PR manager?



PR is basically a mix of advertising and marketing where you get to build an image for the company or clients you work for. 

PR Managers get to come up with new ideas, plan campaigns, and make decisions about new products and services. Being the one who has the creative freedom to make all that happen would be something that I personally would really enjoy in a career.

Of course, you have to know your strengths, weaknesses, and interests to answer this question for yourself. According to BigFutre:

It helps to be an idea person. New concepts are the name of the game, so the more creative you are, the better. Being a strong communicator is also essential, as is the ability to lead a team.

Here’s some perspective on the benefits of working up to a management position:

PR specialists earned an average yearly salary of $60,400 in 2011, while PR Managers earned $105,690.

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Anonymous asked: Hey I'm curious what profession someone in a International Relations major could go into


Majors in international relations usually study international politics and institutions. They also learn the principles of diplomacy and foreign policy.

These skills can lead you to several different career paths including: